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 Green Burials are those burials which do not involve the use of burial vaults, vault lids, concrete boxes,   
slabs, caskets or partioned liners. Decedents are either not emblamed or embalmed only with approved 
nontoxic chemicals. Burial containers are limited to those made from natural or plant derived material and must be nontoxic and nonhazardours. Simple shrouds may be used. The bodies decompose naturally and become part of the earth. There are no residual chemical or physical insults to the earth.
 Oak Hill Cemetery is the only Cemetery in the State of Indiana to be certified by the Green Burial Council as a provider of a Natural Burial Ground. Burial plots are now available for purchase.
 Our eight-acre tract, at Oak Hill Cemetery North, will be permanently dedicated as a "Natural Burial Ground." The tract has been surveyed, platted, and is subject to restrictive covenants which protect the area from incompatible development. The area has been planted in grasses, wild flowers and other native plants indigenous to the prarie-like environment surrounding the area. These plantings will endure throughtout the years with minimal maintenance required, yet will hold year-round beauty and interest. The area will be natural and undisturbed.  The flowers and grasses will bloom, each year and provide not only beauty and interest, but serve as a natural habitat for birds, animals, and  beneficial insects.
 Memorial markers and features will be limited in size, type and placement so as not to interfere with the
 natural and undisturbed appearance of the area.
 Burial plots are now available for purchase.  A lot in the Green Burial area is $1,100.00. This amount does not include the opening and closing of the grave. Please call the office today to purchase your lot.....
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