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     Policy #    POLGEN-01 



Subject:      Decoration of Graves and Removal of Grave Decorations

Date Issued:

Aug 11, 2011



Issued & Approved by:

Oak Hill Cemetery Board of Directors 


5. The Cemetery reserves the right, at all times, to determine what other decorations or ornaments may be placed

upon the lots. Flags must be placed in approved containers or on approved flag staffs, except those flags placed by

Veterans Organizations. No plants, shrubs or trees shall be planted except by cemetery management.


6.No digging of holes, such as for setting jars, cans or flower pots, is permitted. The use of glass containers of any

kind is strictly prohibited. Shepherd's hooks may be used if placed pursuant to management's direction. If

shepherd's hooks are placed and not used, they will be removed.


7. Bric-a-brac such as toys, shells, stones and articles of similar nature shall not be permitted upon lots, or graves.


8. Wreaths and such decorations placed on graves after November 1st of each year will be left on until March 1st of

the following year when they will be removed. Unapproved containers and weathered or unsightly decorations shall

be removed without notice.




1. All wreaths and artificial flowers placed on graves other than in bronze memorial vases attached to the stone or

installed beside a stone shall be removed one week after Motherís Day, Memorial Day and Fatherís Day.