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     Policy #    POLGEN-01 



Subject:      Decoration of Graves and Removal of Grave Decorations

Date Issued:

Aug 11, 2011



Issued & Approved by:

Oak Hill Cemetery Board of Directors 


1.  No monument, marker or other stone, or memorial shall be placed upon any lot without the approval of the

     management, and no monument, marker or other memorial constructed of concrete, composition, artificial stone or

     similar material shall be placed upon any lot.


2.  All foundations shall be constructed by the management and charges therefore, shall be payable in advance. Only

    one monument shall be placed upon any lot and that is to be placed as nearly as possible in the center of the lot.


3.  Private fencing, hedges, curbs or stone enclosures are not permitted nor is any private mowing permitted in the

     cemetery. No rocks, mulch or other ground cover or border material shall be placed upon any lot or around any  



4.  Should any monument or effigy, or object whatever, or any inscription be placed upon any lot which    

     shall be deemed by the management to be or to have become offensive, improper, dangerous, or  injurious

     to the appearance of such lot or of adjacent lots, grounds or to contain a threat of danger to persons in the

     vicinity of or passing near such lot, the management shall have the right to cause the same to be removed

     without notice.