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   Policy #    POLGEN-05



Subject:       Decoration of Mausoleum Crypts and Columbarium Niches

Date Issued:

Aug 11, 2011



Issued & Approved by:

Oak Hill Cemetery Board of Directors


1. The Cemetery reserves the right at all times to determine what decorations or ornaments may be placed upon the

     crypts or niches.


2.  Cemetery personnel are to place any flowers that are to go in the Mausoleum upper level vases. Simply bring your

     arrangement into the Office and we will place it as promptly as time permits. If you have a decoration to change

     and want to keep the one taken down, please make arrangements with the office for exchange.


3.  HOLIDAY DECORATIONS: One (1) additional decoration will be allowed on Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day,

     Memorial Day, and Christmas. These can be placed on the floor or ground in front of the crypt or niche. Please

     DO  NOT tape decorations to the crypt or niche front, the adhesive is very difficult to remove. The additional

     holiday decoration will remain for one (1) week following the day of the holiday. If you wish to save your 

    decoration, it is recommended that you pick up your decoration shortly before the week is up. Any additional

     decorations on the floor or ground will be removed by the Cemetery and disposed of without notice.